Dr. Ing Maurizio POLEMIO, expert hydrogeologist (Scientific Director);

Dr. Francesca SANTALOIA, expert in geological characterization of aquifers;

Dr.  Alessia BASSO, expert in GIS data processing;

Dr. Francesco BALDASSARRE, expert in chemical characterization of waters;

Dr. Vittoria DRAGONE, an expert in statistics and geostatistics hydrological;

Dr. Pier Paolo LIMONI, expert in hydrological monitoring techniques (Technical Manager);

Dr. Andrea ROMANAZZI, expert in numerical modeling (Research Assistant);

Dr. Livia Emanuela ZUFFIANÒ, expert in hydrogeochemical (Research Assistant);

Dr. Giorgio DE GIORGIO, expert in management and characterization of coastal karst aquifers and wetlands;

Dr. Nicolò COLOMBANI, expert in numerical modeling (Research Assistant).