Field instrument

For on-site physical-chemical determinations, multiparametric portable probes for temperature, electrical conductivity, salinity, pH, dissolved oxygen and ORP measurement are available. The multiparametric portable probes are equipped with cables (even deeper than 100 m) that allow to reconstruct continuous parameter profiles measured along the vertical (open bore hole logging).

Electric pumps with different technologies and equipments, including flow controllers to allow low flow sampling, are available for water sampling. Or for static sampling bailers and steel bottles (Kemmerer samplers) suitable to sample at predetermined depths (even higher than 200 m) are also available.

To perform flow measurements in streams, the group uses or cutting-edge equipment that uses technology ADV (Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter) or fluorescent tracers.

To determine aquifer’s properties such as hydraulic conductivity, the Laboratory staff members can perform in-well pumping tests and also slug tests. Furthermore, the group is also equipped for the determination of flow velocity and the vertical groundwater seepage, performing single well fluorescent tracer tests, using a in-well portable fluorimeter.

Piezometric groundwater measurements, can be performed manually (with phreatimeters at depths up to 500 m) and continuously (with piezoelectric probes equipped with internal temperature sensors and data loggers). In addition, the in-well physical-chemical monitoring can be performed automatically by multiparameter probes with internal data loggers, which allow to continuously monitoring temperature, electrical conductivity, salinity, pH, dissolved oxygen and the oxidation-reduction potential of groundwater.

Density and turbidity measurements of liquid samples, as well as the determination of some chemical parameters with portable digital photometers can be performed on-site.