The Hydrogeology group performs various on-site activities in the field of hydrogeology: from aquifer’s properties and surface water bodies characterization, to water quality monitoring. Besides, long-term unstable slopes, disposal sites or waste remediation are also covered. All site activities are carried out with cutting-edge technologies and new experimental settings.

Below is reported a list of the main activities and services that the group can deliver employing both highly qualified staff members and instrumentations:

  • Automatic hydrometric level monitoring (at any frequency) in surface waters, springs and wells;

  • automatic multi parameter measurements (at any frequency) in surface waters , springs and wells of any diameter and at great depths (several hundred meters);

  • Execution and interpretation of pumping tests, water loss tests (Lugeon and Lefranc) and slug tests;

  • Water sampling according to standard regulations and/or innovative protocols from surface and water and groundwater bodies. In the latter case, sampling can be accomplished both in static or dynamic conditions, including the on- site determination of physical-chemical parameters.

  • Water density and turbidity of both surface water and groundwater monitoring;

  • Tracer tests in surface waters, springs and wells (filtration speed and vertical currents);

  • Water flux measurements with different technologies, in streams and springs;

  • Weather stations and rain gauges.

  • Design, implementation and management of experimental sites.