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Structural and functional characterisation of neuroglobin of Antarctic fish
Project ID 226
ID PNRA 2009/C1.03
Acronym XXXXXX
Project acronym and title Structural and functional characterisation of neuroglobin of Antarctic fish
Contract PNRA 2009/C1.03
Description Recently, the neuroglobin (Ngb) gene was discovered in the brain and retina of Antarctic fish, both in red-blooded notothenioids and icefish. Ngb is mainly expressed in neurons and plays a neuroprotective role during hypoxic stress. The finding that icefish retain the Ngb gene despite having lost hemoglobin (Hb), and myoglobin (Mb) in most species, suggests a crucial function. The function of Ngb needs to be ascertained, because it may have important implications in the physiology and pathology of the brain. Thus, the initial scientific challenge involves elucidating the physiological roles of Ngb. The perspectives for novel therapeutical and biotechnological applications of these globins are now beginning to emerge. The overall objectives are (i) to study the structure/function of Antarctic fish Ngb (wild type and mutants); (ii) comparative analyses with Ngb of mammals and temperate fish to ascertain whether a change in structure/function is due to cold adaptation; (iii) to address the role of Ngb in normal physiology and neurodegenerative diseases. These objectives will be reached by the joint efforts of diverse and complementary expertises with the world leaders of the field.
Funding body Programma di Ricerca Nazionale in Antartide (PNRA)/MUR
UOS Napoli
Role Coordinatore
Signatory Giordano Daniela
Contact Person Giordano Daniela
Starting of activities 2012
Ending of activities 2014
Extension -
Amount (euro) 24000.00
Technological Area -
Technological Field Basi molecolari e cellulari della vita degli organismi
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